Stranger Blocks

World building without the pain.


Designed for:

  • Blender
  • Unreal
  • Unity
  • Lumberyard

Stranger Blocks

A modular system of building blocks to build your game environment.

The blocks fit into a set of grid sizes and can be assembled to even bigger shapes

The blocks are ready-to-use meshes, complete with UV texture coordinates and PBR material.

Made with DirectScene
Downtown Blocks

Stranger Kits


Parts to build spaceships, cargo Ships, rockets and airplanes.


Parts to build your downtown area: hightower levels, rooftops, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, antennas, billboards.


Comes with a set of pillars and supporting structures. Beam bridges, arc bridges. Railings.


Road vehicles: Cars and trucks. Tires, chassis, cabins.


Boxes, pyramids, cylinders and cones, spheres. All with cut-through sections at different angles.

Doors & Windows

Classic and industrial doors and windows. Cartridge sections. Colored glass.

A few recent example scenes

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